Wall Mounted Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Uses transit time differential to measure flow rate of liquids in closed pipes. The technique uses a pair of transducers with each transducer sending and receiving ultrasonic signals through the flowing liquid. When the fluid is flowing, signal transit time in the downstream direction is shorter than in the upstream direction, this difference is proportional to flow.


2 X 20 English letters back-lit
RS 232C
Built in 32 MB logger
DN 50-6000mm
Water, Sewage etc.
0 to ±7m/s
AC 85 to 265 volts

Sensor's Specifications

TS-2±1%IP-68DN-25-100mm‐30 to 90°C
TM-1±1%IP-68DN-50-700mm‐30 to 90°C
TL-1±1%IP-68DN-300-6000mm‐30 to 90°C
TS-2-HT±1%IP-68DN-25-100mm‐30 to 160°C
TM-1-HT±1%IP-68DN-50-700mm‐30 to 160°C
TL-1-HT±1%IP-68DN-300-6000mm‐30 to 160°C

Wall Mounted Clamp-On USFM

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