Wafer Type EMFM


Electro‐magnetic flowmeter consists of sensor through which the measured liquid flows. The electronic convertor amplifies the low level signal from sensor. The output signal is proportional to the volume flow rate of measured liquid. The EMF can be used where the measured liquid is conductive and non‐magnetic.


Meter size: 25 ‐2000mm


Empty pipe detection

Two line LCD display, 16 characters per line or graphical display

Various lining material

Various sensor material

GSM/GPRS connectivity

In‐built data logger

Bi‐directional flow measurement

Earthing ring in SS 304/SS 316


DN 25 to DN 2000
6 Kg/cm² / 10Kg/cm² / 16 Kg/cm²
SS 316 / Hastalloy C / Titanium / Tantalum
≥ 20 μS/cm
Rubber / Hard Rubber / Teflon / Neoprene
Integral or Remotely mounted
SS 304 (std.) / SS 316 (Optional)
0.5 to 10 m/s
± 0.5% of FS
Back‐lit LCD , 2 line 16 characters or graphical display
Totalised Flow: m3 / L
Instantaneous Flow: m3/hr, m3/min, m3/sec
L/hr , L/min , L/ sec
4 ‐20mA (std.), RS 232 MODBUS / RS 485 MODBUS
90 to 265 V AC

Wafer Type EMFM

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