Water Treatment Plants

VEXL offers cost-effective raw water treatment solutions, for reduction of suspended solids, reducing hardness and many more in surface water. We have developed new methods to implement latest technologies that yield maximum efficiency with minimum capital and operating cost.

Systems are engineered to operate in manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic mode. We specialize in providing chemical handling systems and safe discharge/complete re-use of neutralization waste generating from the various plants.

Pressure Sand Filters - for reduction of suspended solids 

Activated Carbon Filters - for removal of color, odour and trace organics

Iron Filter - for iron removal

Arsenic Filter - for arsenic removal 

Softener Plants - for removal of hardness

DM Plants - for producing de-mineralized water

Membrane Separation Systems

Physico-Chemical Treatment  Systems - Flash Mixer, Clarifiers, Clari- flocculators, HRSCC etc - for conventional water treatment.

Up-gradation and Retrofitting of Existing Plants : VEXL has the expertise in up-gradation/retrofitting of existing water treatment facilities to enhance / increase the quantity and quality.