Solar Plant

We construct turnkey solar energy systems around the world. We provide complete EPC (engineering, planning, procurement and construction) of solar grid-connected power plants. Extensive onsite inspection and an assessment of site conditions following customer requirements form the base. We also offer a detailed solar yield forecast. Investing in a solar power plant makes financial sense!

Project development, planning and installation of photo-voltaic systems in open areas.

Turnkey solar photo-voltaic park installations. Turnkey solar power plants.

Set-up of turnkey solar PV farms with megawatt generating capacity.

This means that we handle the entire project – from planning to implementation.

Site preparation and construction.
Ground works and trenching
Installation mounting system (ground screw/pile drive ballasted) and modules.

DC strings connection and containment.

Inverter and ICB mounting and connection.

AC low voltage cable laying and connections.

High voltage transformer installation cable laying and connections.

Site earthing.

G59 relay protection, control and witness testing.

Testing, certification, commissioning and handover.
Assessing a potential solar power plant.

solar feasibility analysis with solar yield reports.

Solar engineering as EPC contractor, drafting, supplies, clearing site and start installing support structures, cabling, inverters, transformers, switch gear, monitoring & control system, lightning protection & meteorological systems.