Biogas Plant

We have excellent tie-ups on the technology to replace the conventional source of energy. All kind of biological waste as well as grow energy crops for bio-gas production like corn, rosin-weed, sweet sorghum, sugar beet or algae. We cater in the following sectors :

Features and Specifications :

Agricultural companies

Pig farms

Cattle farms

Poultry farms

Crop production companies

Bio-diesel Producers

Waste recycling enterprises

Municipal waste water treatment plants

Food Industry companies

Sugar mill

Distillery and bio-ethanol plants

Brewery plants

Dairy industries





Renewable in nature

Zero COemission

Clean combustible fuel

Can be used for domestic and commercial applications

Applications :

Electricity generation using biogas engine I generator

As natural gas after purification

For combustion & production of heat and light

As vehicle fuel after purification

As vehicle fuel after purification