Operation and Maintenance

“Outsourcing O&M” is the key word, to increasing efficiency and reducing costs. While core focus of any company is on marketing and sales, handing over the more challenging aspect of the business to an O&M outsourcing partner like VEXL would be a wise decision.

An O&M contract with VEXL guarantees the client’s facility is taken care by an accountable and competent partner. Our contribution and scope of responsibility are always centered on the efficient running and professional upkeep of the plant. 

Our O&M services team helps ensure optimum performance at plants from initial project support to mobilization. Our highly trained specialists work with the clients and provide technical expertise & services to help run the plant efficiently. VEXL specializes in O&M with a blend of trained personnel having complete experience to undertake the complex activities like Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Microbiological operations. 

OUR O&M Services

We take Operation and Maintenance contracts either on a piecemeal basis or as a comprehensive contract for the following:

Water treatment plants
Sewage treatment plants
Effluent treatment plants
Reverse Osmosis/Ultra Filtration/Nano Filtration Plants
Water supply and distribution systems
Cooling Towers