About Us

Who we are…

VEXL Environ Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a company committed to contribute towards the sustainable development of water resources to overcome the fierce scarcity. Water scarcity makes it clear that water is likely to become a major constraint to livelihood for more than one third population of world. We promote our business to enhance the use of recycled water with the help of our expertise in the field of total water management.

What we do…

VEXL provide all types of solution to recycle waste water and methods of retaining the available sources of fresh water. We are a complete engineering company dedicated to provide turnkey solutions for water and wastewater treatment.

Team VEXL has the experience and motivation to provide latest technology based solutions for all water applications.

At VEXL, we live up to our status as an “ENVIRONMENT CONSCIOUS COMPANY“. We are interested in making a difference. We frequently collaborate with facility owners to develop reliability, efficiency and safety in all of our water systems to the core.

Our Vision

We aim to become India’s leading company in the field of total water management and will achieve our goal by offering top quality products & services. Our business idea is supported through the implementation of our “4-R PRINCIPLE” to all water management solutions.

Our Mission

Remain up to date with the latest technological trends and developments in order to provide the best quality products and services.

Best Practice of engineering & adoption of latest technology to make our contribution accountable.

We are ethically & professionally committed to our customers, investors, employees and partners.

Maintain a culture that promotes long-lasting and symbiotic relationships with clients, employees, partners and shareholders.