Water Treatment Plant

VEXL has in-house capability of design, supply, erection and commissioning of the following water treatment systems on piece meal or on turnkey basis.

  • Pressure Sand Filters – for reduction of suspended solids
  • Activated Carbon Filters- for removal of colour, odor and trace organics
  • Iron Filter- for iron removal
  • Arsenic Filter – for arsenic removal
  • Softener Plants – for removal of hardness
  • DM Plants – for producing de-mineralized water
  • Membrane separation systems

  • Physico-Chemical Treatment Systems: Flash Mixer, Clarifiers, Clari-flocculators, HRSCC etc, for conventional water treatment.

  • Up-gradation and Retrofitting of Existing Plants:
    VEXL has the expertise in up-gradation/retrofitting of existing water treatment facilities to enhance/increase the quantity and quality.